Lil Nas X ‘Comes Out’ on Twitter

20 year old rapper Montero Lamar Hill, better known as Lil Nas X brought the pride month of June to a proper close when he ‘came out’ to his Twitter followers via a seemingly cryptic tweet late yesterday afternoon. 

While he confirmed what so many already speculated, he wanted to make sure sure the picture was clear with a follow up tweet a few hours later pointing out what some may have missed on the cover his first newly released EP titled “7”:

In the first tweet, Lil Nas X asks his followers to listen closely to the lyrics of ‘C7osure’ – (Closure). The lyrics were as follows:

Ain’t no more actin’, man that forecast say I should just let me grow
No more red light for me, baby, only green, I gotta go
Pack my past up in the back, oh, let my future take a hold
This is what I gotta do, can’t be regretting when I’m old

Lil Nas X first gained notoriety for his single ‘Old Town Road’ which has held it’s #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 for now 13 weeks; recently putting Taylor Swift’s ‘Calm Down’ just under him at #2. The song also features a remix with country singer Billy Ray Cyrus.

We at the Shade Parade want to congratulate Lil Nas X for living his truth and wish him continued success. But, now you do know your DM’s are about to blow up right? 😉

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