The Shade Parade Alabaster Outrage

Ep 39
Alabaster Outrage

This week Ari Kiki is NOT ready for the holidays! Without DJ this week (he out in Cali trying In N Out Burger, we toss shade between the 2 of us throughout without sound effects. We talk about reframing things, bettering ourselves. Ronie talks about his hectic week helping his bae deal with having his appendix removed.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥
Corner Store Caroline pulls stunts and shows by calling the “Customer Service Police”. Fake News, “a man dies after eating his girlfriend’s ass for the first time. ” Tyson Beckford’s flaccid peen pic leaks. Arianna Grande has no more tears to cry over Pete Davidson as they end their engagement. Canada is high as fuc*, as marijuana is legalized by our northern neighbors. Lastly, no more cookies for us at the school bake sale after the story we wrap up with.

DAS IT!!!!

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