The Shade Parade Ep 100: EPISODE 100 Ft. Angel Elektra & Shay D’pines

Most Podcasts end after 7 episodes….. You’re Welcome

The Shade Parade
Feat. Angel Elektra & Shay D’Pines

Welcome back to another episode of
The Shade Parade!
This week we are joined by drag couple Angel Elektra & Shay D’Pines

We start by going down memory lane as we learn how we 1st met Angel & Shay over 5yrs, how they started drag and how they became the drag couple they are known as today. Then Ari hits the bottle, meets up with the gurls, and gets her latest tattoo touched up and thinks about some bad additions to it. Viki can’t stand the cold, hits the shops, and can’t wait to move on. Shaun Thomas Gibson pops in just in time Flaming Topics.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Queen Bey sits in at the golden globes
*Someone needs to get their glasses checked at Madame Tussaud’s
*Charlemagne is given the booty away
*Taylor Swift is a GLADD fan favorite
*Tyler Perry is all by herself
*Lizzo jumps off the Twitter ship
*Jillian Michaels talking out her ass

🤔🤔Question Of The Week🤔🤔
What celebrity’s ass would you want a sex toy mold of?

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