The Shade Parade Ep 101: Confessions of an Atlanta Vixen f/ LaMont Mason

The Shade Parade
Feat. Atlanta Vixen aka. LaMont Masoh

Welcome back to another episode of
The Shade Parade!
This week we are joined by Atlanta Vixen: LaMont Mason

We begin by getting to know single lady, Lamont, whose visiting from Atlanta and contemplating making moves to NYC. This leads to a slippery slope as the drinks are strong, and the stomachs were empty. We then get to talking about our week. Ari has a busy weekend, moves on from a venue, and then on. Meanwhile Viki is looking forward to the future, and cuts up at karaoke. We also kiki with LaMont about NYC life and give some questionable advice.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Nikkie Tutorials joins the fam
*Cardi for President 2024?
*AJ & the Queen, thoughts…
*Billy Porter, Fashion Pioneer?

🤔🤔Question Of The Week🤔🤔
What male presenting celebrity would you like to see present femme, and/or what female presenting celebrity woulf you like to see present butch?

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