The Shade Parade Ep 144: The Recipe For Seduction Ft. Lola Michelle Kiki

Friday’s are now all Flaming Topics!!

The Shade Parade
Ep. 144
The Recipe for Seduction Ft. Lola Michele-Kiki
Ep. 144.5
The List

Welcome back to another episode of The Shade Parade!
This week we continue our 2 part episodes.
Pt.1 covers Flaming Topics
Pt.2 covers our weeks
We are joined for these episodes by Ari’s drag daughter, Lola Michele-Kiki

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Ariana Grande to perform on netflix
*KFC & Lifetime get zesty
*RPDR announces it’s contestants for season 13
*Jessica Simpson signs with Amazon
*Taylor Swift strikes again
*Tyga yearns for an OnlyFans empire
*Keke Palmer gets vulnerable

🤔🤔Question Of The Week🤔🤔
What food mascot needs a Lifetime film? & What would the title be?

Ari’s daughter Lola Michele-Kiki joins us this week for our weekly recap. Ari does the American Dream, reconnects with a Kinx, performs with Stoli on fb, and go for a awkward run to dollar tree. Viki is rona free, dealing with the 2020 struggle in NYC. Lola discusses her weekly brunch. We discuss the tHOTlist 2020 and there are opinions and feelings.

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