The Shade Parade Ep 58: Tenz Across The Board f/ Sailey Williams of TENz Magazine

Ep 58
Tenz Across the Board

Welcome back to another episode of The Shade Parade! This week we are joined by Sailey Williams of Tenz Magazine, along with a cameo from Daria Dee.
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This week Ari was booked and busy and almost gets yanked into a incident at the Ihop on 14th street. Viki is learning all about the Mother of Black Hollywood. We both get upset when 1 of my drag daughters asks us what we discussed on the podcast this week…

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Mama June gets busted with something other than honey… boo boo
*Wendy Williams is living the sober life and we’ve got some questions
*Sam Smith is out here tellin the gurls about her past with plastic surgery
*Disney gets bigger and bigger, should we be worried?
*Nicki “Lauryn Hill” Minaj seems to be showing more and more signs that a another supreme is rising

📺Queers on TV📺
*Project Runway is relaunched, do we approve?
*Queer eye season 3 has us grabbing a box of tissues
*Noah’s Arc is introduced to a new generation via YouTube

🤔🤔Q&A of the Week🤔🤔
With college scandal in the news, we wanna know, what kinda scandals did you get into while in college or high school?

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