The Shade Parade Ep 60: Trappy Days

Ep 60
Trappy Days

Welcome back to another episode of The Shade Parade! This week we are joined by the anonymous individual behind Trappy Hour
Check out his website:
his ig account: Trappyhourharlem2
and his weekly party: Trappy Hour at Harlem Nights 2361 7th Ave, every Thursday at 8pm

This week Ari does some charity work for Big Pride, and puts things in motion to host a speed dating night. We some how between us discuss a possible buisness venture for the underserved gays. Viki recants her experience judging at Miss FIT 2019 and the shennanigans we got into later that night at Club Cummings. We also take a lil trip down memory lane to our drag roots.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Our condolences to those effected by the loss of Nipsey Hussle.
*2 Living Lady Legends get inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame & we get “So Deep” discussing 1 of their discography.
*NBC attempts to pick up the leavings of Netflix
*Beyonce has a missed connection at the NAACP Awards and is given life at the GLADD Awards
*Ciara & Lil’ Kim drop new videos, thoughts?
*Endgame tickets go live & Fandango & AMC “WERE NOT READY!”

🤔🤔Q&A of the Week🤔🤔
With “One Day at a Time” cancelled and possibly coming back via NBC, what shows from your past do you wish got a 2nd chance after they were cancelled or over? Could be with the original cast or a reboot.

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