The Shade Parade Ep 76: Greyhound, The Poorest Way To Travel f/ Catrina Lovelace

76 The Shade Parade
Greyhound, The Poorest Way to Travel
Feat. Catrina Lovelace

Welcome back to another episode of The Shade Parade! This week we are joined by one of Ari Kiki’s daughter’s, Catrina Lovelace.
Ig: Catrinalovelace

We begin with a quick lil interview with Catrina. That’s followed by the horror story of Viki & Ari’s commute to Atlantic City, the hijinks that occured in AC, and recovering.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*SDCC happens & Marvel Phase 4 is announced, we are curious as where this will lead to…
*Bette Midler feels some kind of way
*Puerto Rico out here getting folks out of office
*The epidemic continues as the 12th Black Trans Woman is killed in the US, Denali Berries Stuckey, in South Carolina.
*Wendy Williams is getting a Lifetime biopic, WHO ASKED FOR THIS?!?!?

🤔🤔Q&A of the Week🤔🤔

What type of bathing do you like to see on a person you’re attracted to?

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