The Shade Parade Ep 91: Hymen Tips

The Shade Parade
Hymen Tips

Welcome back to another episode of
The Shade Parade!
This week we start the episode in the middle of a fb live. Stay tuned for more of those in the future. Viki goes out for Halloween as part of group cosplay, hits up the parade downtown & Webster Hall. Viki also catches “Harriet” & shares her 2 cents. Ari pops off on a regular at her karaoke gig, takes part in the 5th annual Don’t MS with Major benefit, touched up some patrons at Rampage, and dabbles on an app called Bigger City.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Rhythm & Flow crowns a winner
*T.I. is a memeber of the Hymen Police
*Kidz Bop Karen out here to “Calm Down”
*James Dean is being brought back to the film screen.

🤔🤔Q&A of the Week🤔🤔
With James Dean & Whitney Houston being CGIed & holographically resurrected for different reasons, who would you bring back from the grave, dead or alive, and for what reason?

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