The Shade Parade Holi-slay Hart

Ep 45
Holi-Slay Hart

Just a heads up, if you hadn’t already noticed since ya should already be subscribers of our podcast and getting notifications, this episode has been up for over a week, lol

This week, Ronie puts in his 2 weeks noticed at his day job, and Ari is 5k famous on Instagram. Ari gets to feel Barbie Pink Fantasy with the help of Monique Fontaine and Ronie has a small mouth we find out…
Also one of goes to “Alaska” and the other goes to have tea with a Queen

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*RuPaul releases her 1st hour long musical infomercial
*Selena the TV Series is coming to Neflix and we hope it blooms “Como La Flor”
*The Grammy nominations are released we’re excited to see some of these artists hopefully take home a trophy.

*Kevin Hart, learn how to properly apologize for your past choices. Which leads to us going down a long overdue rabbit hole rant…

DAS IT!!!!

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