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EP 37
In Yo Face

We start the episode riled up and ready after a week long hiatus and a few preshow cocktails. Ronie spent the week playing video games, particularly Spiderman. Ari on the otherhand went up to Massachusetts to visit a college friend and divided right into the caucasity of it all, including going to The Big E. We somehow go off on a tangent about gay hookup apps notification sounds.

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Maroon 5 will be headlining the superbowl half time show & we’re sorta left scratching our heads as to why, especially since the superbowl is taking place in Atlanta this coming year. Which leads to us naming who we sorta wish was headlining instead. Speaking of random, Spotify teams up with to give you new playlists based on your genetic make up and we get really problematic & shady discussing this. LaBron James will star in Space Jam 2 and who was really asking for all of this? Bill Cosby gets sent to prison and bish we get messy. We also shantayed over to Rupaul’s Drag Con NYC for day 1

Ann Coulter makes some statements on twitter that make it seem like male chauvinist and non-consensual touching are perfectly fine. Dj calls her bs out on his Twitter and gets his account suspended.
Pete Davidson meanwhile goes on the Howard Stern show and says some questionable things in regards to his fiancee Ariana Grande.

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