The Shade Parade Through Blue Eyes . 1

Ep 27
Through Blue Eyes Pt. 1

This week we have our 1st official 2-part episode. We have special guest, cosplayer, illustrator & friend to the cast of The Shade Parade: Bryan Martinez joining us along with Dj & Mitchell. We get messy right from the start discussing how we met Bryan at Stonewall years ago…
We then go down a memory lane rabbit hole as we talk about Ronie’s sofas and their history, which leads us to a talk about bunk beds somehow and much more. Small talk gets Ari and Bryan, native New Yorkers, scholling Ronie on the wonders of Robyn Byrd’s public access show, Ronie goes to see a movie in the park & Bryan tells us about prepping to Exhibit at Flame Con 2018

Flaming Topics
Drake drops a new album and everyone is down for the bops. Cardi B gives us Kulture and a never ending meme, while Nicki is destroying the Barbie house in an attempt to chart a new hit. Scarlett Johansson will NOT be the transman none of us asked for after all. Pose gets to work the runway for yet another season. Jamie Foxx is hoping to redeem himself to comic book nerds after Spider-Man as he turns into Spawn. Billy Dee Williams saunters back into the Star Wars universe as the rest of the original cast is dead in the films. Sabrina the Teenage Witch flys into the modern day to netflix and chill, and a mystery guest joins us in the last hour but you’ll have to wait till the next episode to see where that goes…

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