The Shade Parade
Episode 31
Unofficial Sex

Child, this week Ronie starts off the episode by going off about her crazy busy life, meanwhile Ari can’t relate anymore. Ari tries to get Ronie into her latest obsession and hoping for some sponsors and DJ is in the background laughing it up.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics 🔥🔥
Vogue releases 2 Beyonce covers and Bey is not here for Kim K. and she don’t mind folks knowing. Apparently almost all the publishers got the memo to go Black in September as a number of magazines feature Black Actresses & Models on their covers and we live. We detour to reminisce about reality shows & porn, is there really any difference between the 2 nowadays? Have you seen Micheal B. Jordan’s binky? Lastly, Nicki plops out Queen.

📚📚Story Time📚📚
We share our varied experiences at sex parties in our past. Ronie strips down at a party in Harlem, Ari takes it to another level in Brooklyn, and their experiences couldn’t be more different.

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