The Shade Parade What Did We Learn?

EP 38

Ep 38
What Did We Learn

We want to apologize for the distant sound effects on this week’s episode as well as the terrible shriek Ronie let’s out at the intro of the episode. Anyways, Ari recounts some of the madness from Rupaul’s Drag Con NYC weekend. We sorta discuss Blackkklansman even though Ronie hasn’t seen it yet.

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The Manhattan Monster Bar has a bit of a scandal. If you’re the same-sex partner of a diplomat looking to get a US Visa, then you’re S.O.L. Mr. MAGA West is trying to stir up more attention as per usual and still in our Basura. Coachella thinks they can bring SexyBack by booking Justin Timberlake to headline. Netflix’s Black Mirror gets interactive, are you ready???

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