Vic Mensa tackles gender identity, womens rights & more in ‘3 Years Sober’ video

In a world overrun by racism & homophobia, few artists in the hip hop industry dare to shed light on these issues, but rapper Vic Mensa proves he is NOT afraid to stir the pot in a new provocative video called ‘3 Years Sober’ featuring 93PUNX and Travis Barker.

The video gives off a punk rock vibe as Mensa has many different encounters throughout the video in full drag, including a scene with a Mike Pence look alike where he (she) defends herself from the character who is known for his dislike for women’s reproductive rights. Flash forward later, Mensa is jumped by men in the street. At the end of the attack, the men proceed to write insults & slurs on his (her) face. Toward the end, Mensa has an encounter in a restaurant full of ‘BBQ Becky’s who call the police on him (her) for using a women’s restroom.

Kudos to Vic Mensa for being another voice to issues that affect the LGBT community. We thank you for being able to speak on this issues while comfortable in your own sexuality.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts:

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