The Shade Parade Ep 106: The Dragging of King Julien f/ DJ T-Boy

The Shade Parade
The Dragging of King Julian
Feat. T-Boy

This week we are rejoined by T-Boy

Welcome back to another episode of
The Shade Parade!
T-Boy is family, so we jump right in to the kiki. T-Boy is going through TV troubles, Viki and T-Boy bond over trolling. Ari chills with Prada, dog sits Viki’s dog, and is booked, busy and blessed and saw Birds of Prey. Viki goes to New Orleans, sight sees, bar hops and does some fine dining.

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Wendy Whaleiams gets dumped in the Basura
*Lil Boosie gets booted
*Concert to resurrect a ton of artists from about 20yrs ago
*Rosario Dawson is here?
*Scouts should have invest in cookies
*Jussie Smollett needs some milk
*RPDR All Stars is coming behind a paywall

🤔🤔Question Of The Week🤔🤔
Name 1-2 former RPDR contestants that you would like to see on season 5 of All Stars.

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