The Shade Parade Ep 151: Gorilla Glue Hair Do or Don’t

The girls explore a different hair styling technique

The Shade Parade
Ep. 151
Gorilla Glue Hair Do or Don’t
Ep. 151.5
Condom Wrapper Dream Catcher

Welcome back to another episode of The Shade Parade!

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Fenty downsizes
*Pedro Pascal introduces us to Lux Pascal
*Gina Carano phases out of the Star Wars universe
*Cardi B is Up & is stuck
*Gorilla Glue, not your momma’s hairspray
*Kirk Franklin stans for LGBT rights
*Joss Whedon gets called out
*Aunt Jemima goes Milling
*Framing Britney

🤔🤔Question Of The Week🤔🤔
What are some qualifications you seek in a friend with benefits?

This week Ari is in heat, spends the weekend with family, performs in Yonkers, gets frisky with some new Playout Apparel, and is a broke bish. Viki gets a car, dines in DC with friends, tackles some used car issues, works on his online shop, travels back to NYC to close out her storage & inspect her apt. We discuss possibly relocating to NJ and what that might look like.

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