The Shade Parade Ep 49: Helen Hamberder

Ep 49
Helen Hamberder

Crack-a-tina is back to ruin our lives! We kick off this episode completely bothered by the antics of Crack-a-tina followed by Ms. Tang poor dinner options. We discuss Ari’s plans for her bday next week which somehow leads to a convo about travel. We then take a trip down memory lane and recall various performances in our drag past when we used to compete in Our Lady of Saliva (RIP)

🔥🔥Flaming Topics🔥🔥
*Hollywood drops some trailers and greenlights a bunch of sequels to films from the 80s and 90s
*Netflix needs your coins to pay for all this new original content
*Mariah & Rihanna are tired of bitches trying them, so they seeing said bitches in court
*We get a LGBTQ Superhero “Combo” from Marvel & Lee Daniels
*Gilette wants you to Man up, but not how you think
*Chris Hansen is the new host of “To Catch a Broke Bitch”
*Kathy Griffin attempts to clapback at Don Cheadle, and has her wig snatched

DAS IT!!!!

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