The Shade Parade FMD (F*** My Drag)

Welcome to The Shade Parade!!!

Ep 13
F*** My Drag!!!
OMG YOU GUYS!! We have so many feelings!! A jury of queer peers weighs in and
the lipstick votes have been tallied. Ronie and Ari catch up on the week of shows, bad decisions and nightlife shade. Flaming Topics sends us on a an adventure. RIP Stephen Hawking, Craig Mack and Kiah. Miley Cyrus may be in legal trouble, OJ DEFINITELY did it, Jerry O’Connell’s hot topics report card is in, Tamar is freed from weave, Bey and Jay are on the run again, and Cardi got a lil Bardi on the way. All Stars is over, A new queen is crowned and ya’ll are pissed!! Ronie and Ari regale the events of the final episode and get some feelings out. We phone a gurlfriend and Shaun Thomas Gibson answers the call to kiki!
Shout outs to
Jim Silvestri

Jasmine Rice LaBeija

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