The Shade Parade Crack-A-Tina Turn Up

Ep 40
Crack-A-Tina Turn Up

Ari Kiki starts things off by letting you know, she is not the Ashanti! Ronie wants you to know he “definitely projects light.” Ronie then proceeds to come sideways at Ari Kiki for her extensive wig collection. Crack-A-Tina comes back up in conversation as we discuss our weekend and we discuss the quams of being a drag queen on a comedy stage. DJ tells us about his trip to Cali, his take on the homeless people out there and his experience with In-N-Out. Ari then tells us about popping her Jollibee cherry with Alotta McGriddles.

Flaming Topics
The Times drops a memo that was circulating via Ms. Tang looking to change the definition of gender, and we don’t see it for her. SO GO OUT AND VOTE! Pretty sure Nicki Minaj is “Sorry” after getting served by Tracy Chapman’s lawyers. Meanwhile, Cardi is gonna keep making “Money”. Amy Schumer gets vocal regarding the NFL. Also we call 844-wyt-fear!!!

DAS IT!!!!

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