The Shade Parade Is This Thing On?

EP 26
Is This Thing On?

This week we kick off the episode with some technical difficulties, but can you blame us we’ve been drinking all week, cause 4th of July was in the middle of the week. We chat about Ronie’s bat $hit crazy neighbor who you hear bouncing off the walls in the background, LITERALLY!
As well as all the drinking and bad decisions we may have made this week, and Ronie’s mom joins us for a quick check in.

Flaming Topics
Pete Davidson & Ariana Grande are engaged after 1 month of dating and we can’t wait to see how this plays out. Joe Jackson dies, and Bette Midler has 2 cents to share and the body ain’t even hit the dirt yet. Spoiler Alert we chat about how much we enjoyed The Incredibles 2 & how jarring Bao the short film that plays prior to it was.

Dino BBQ
Ike Avelli
Kedwin Zapata
Thotyssey NYC

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